The articles menu offers articles by Kris Hines containing ideas, tools, support and useful hints that she has herself found practical and even life-changing. They are about empowering you to handle the tough times in life and relationships, or times when you are feeling stuck, unhappy, unfulfilled or just not yourself.

  •  Effective new ways to work with relationship issues and develop greater insight and skills, whatever stage your relationship is at.


  • Powerful tools and approaches for dealing constructively with painful conflicts with parents, siblings, friends or workmates and healing issues of family history.


  • The meaning of life ? I certainly don’t have the answer (yet!). But I have worked for many years, both alone and with others, working through difficult times and finding inspiration and wisdom and developing tools for resilience , greater self awareness and understanding of this experience we are all in called Life.


  • Wisdom That Works is the title of a new series of monthly emails you can sign up for here on the side bar. Each month is on a different topic and offers tools, skills, links and inspiring quotes and poems that can open us up to wider perspectives in living constructively and happily.




Life is big and sometimes we can feel that it is all just too much. However there is always, always, a way through, if we get the right support.