Relationship Counselling

I offer this work face-to-face on the Sunshine Coast (within 25 minutes’ drive of Maroochydore,

Buderim, Noosa, Maleny and Nambour) and also via Skype and phone.

Pre-marital counselling

Just as every person is unique, so is every relationship dynamic, with its own needs for growth and nurturing. Like a proactive health check, coming to pre-marital counselling is an opportunity to:

  • Enhance what is really working happily between you, so your relationship can continue to flourish
  • Strengthen your connection and closeness
  • Understand the natural dynamics between you as individuals – the ones that help each other’s needs be met, and the ones that may not be helping
  • Give caring attention to communication tools that can be developed more and then be used to resolve conflicts in a kind, real, respectful and constructive way.
  • Explore issues relating to family and past that may impact on your life together
  • Explore your goals, values and expectations
  • Learn more about giving each other emotional support so that stressful or challenging times bring you closer


Couple counselling

Are you feeling increasingly frustrated because you and your partner keep repeating the same old core conflict and the same old complaints  – and you’ve tried to talk and resolve it but nothing’s really changed?

Unresolved inner and outer conflicts make a huge impact on our relationships. They run the relationship from behind at first, then they can easily take over until problems can seem insurmountable. But they are not. It may be time for a new perspective that will open up a fresh approach for all concerned and make the difference that is needed.

Relationship counselling is a safe and respectful place to express and understand what is going on for each person and within the relationship. Real solutions for real and persistent problems can be found. If you are sick of all the pain and frustration – well, good!! In these tough times your situation is probably crying out to be addressed fully. The sooner the better, but integrity and sensitivity will get the best results.[/two_third][one_third_last]

Mayan couple001

Never underestimate what two can do – and it may only take one partner to begin to get the ball of change moving forward constructively for your relationship.

[/one_third_last]There are different focuses in relationship counselling, depending on the unique needs of each couple. They may include:

  • Mapping and fully understanding the current dynamic that is operating between you. This can be continuing to damage the relationship and prevent intimacy, connection and happiness. What happened? Where has the love gone?
  • Seeing and then accepting responsibility for what you as individuals are doing that helps and doesn’t help the relationship. This may include figuring out how to move on from painful events, when one or both partners know that they would like to, but feel unable to.
  • Developing new ways of communicating that will work ongoingly to resolve issues.
  • Taking a fresh look at how each other’s deeper needs can be really heard and met, and in a way that feels authentic and balanced. What do you really want, individually and together?
  • Supporting men and women going through the painful complexities of making the decision to separate or stay together. At this time one or both partners are often dealing with a lot of confusion, resentment, guilt, sadness or inner conflict.
  • Supporting those going through separation and its aftermath – a time of huge change, often laden with pain. At this time counselling can help people cope with loss, anger and guilt. It can also help them to find the inner strength and clarity to move forward.
  • Helping couples after separation to gain more personal understanding and support for their own separation issues and to find less stressful ways to deal with remaining issues and circumstances, whether personal, family, or the logistical practicalities of the new phase.
  • Providing a place to explore issues of identity, meaning, direction and self belief that are triggered by relationship conflicts or break up.

Couples counselling will normally mean that both of you will attend each session. However, sometimes one or more individual sessions for both partners will be useful to support this process.

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What will a session cost?

The fee for a one hour counselling session is $140.
Longer 90 minute sessions can also be booked; the fee is $210.
Concessions are offered, so please inquire when you book your first session. At this stage no medicare or private health rebates are available.

Cancellation policy: a cancellation fee applies for any same day appointment unless a re-booking is made, preferably during the same week.