You and Your Unique Life

Few things are more significant for our happiness than knowing what our deepest needs are and how to fulfill them.

Few things are more significant for our happiness than knowing what our deepest needs are and how to fulfill them.

Some people have very big lives and feel swamped by challenge after challenge. Some simply find life itself very difficult. Others thrive and just hit a wall now and then.

  • How is your life going so far? (may as well ask the big questions!) Do you honour who you are and feel real and glad to be here – on a good day at least.

  • Do you feel connected to your core truth and wisdom and what supports and inspires you, within and with others?

  • How have you handled suffering? Do you feel free to move forward or feel that new insight, courage or healing would really help to open your life up?

In my sessions I provide a space where you can connect more clearly with your needs and truth and address difficult issues. This in turn helps you to move forward in ways that are healthy and right, which brings a deeper sense of well-being to you and your relationships. And it’s never too late to do this work and reap the benefits, no matter how stuck you feel.

It’s about getting clear on what matters, what you really need to do and then on how to do it authentically and practically in your current life, step by step and being gentle with yourself as you go.

I am a counselling therapist, voice dialogue facilitator and conflict resolution coach working with individuals and couples on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. I offer sessions online via Skype, person-to-person and also by phone.

My work supports people firstly to unravel and understand their current difficulties. The resulting insights and the healing which often comes with them, free something up: a person can then move beyond those painful or unhelpful patterns through which we often experience life and relationships. This often includes improving one’s relationship with oneself – as we are usually our biggest critic which can be paralysing and stop us moving forward. It’s normal, but painful, human stuff which is asking for our attention.

When we are off-centre or overwhelmed by a situation we may lose sight of what we need and what we really want. We can also lose touch with our optimism and sense of possibility. Or we may simply not know how to make things different.

I work with people to help them reconnect with their personal power so that they can act with more inner strength and with an integrity that really honours who they want to be. We work to develop new skills and tools to make this happen – whether the changes needed are within the person, or within their life.

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Counselling and coaching available face-to-face, by Skype and by phone

My approach is practical, respectful and compassionate and honours the uniqueness of each individual’s strengths, gifts, self doubts and life experience. It is essentially person-centered, with a foundation of deeply listening and tuning in to each person’s concerns and needs. I use a range of styles, including working with goals, tools and skills, voice dialogue , strength building, mythological dream work, exploring meaning and purpose, gestalt and CBT. Each session is unique and depends on what the client most wants, needs and feels comfortable with.