Individual Counselling

Sessions are available face-to-face in my rooms in Nambour, online via Skype and also by phone.

Some people have very big lives and feel swamped by challenge after challenge.hearts leaf fb wordsSome simply find life itself very difficult. Others thrive and just hit a wall now and then.

What is your deeper wisdom telling you that you most need at this time?

Might counselling provide the space and support that will make the positive difference?

Never underestimate your ability to make change happen – you were made to fully be your unique self. You can do it!


A counselling session is a special time and place: it exists just for you, so that you can step outside the busy day-to-day and connect with what’s really going on in your current situation and what you need to do about it. You are likely to discover surprising capabilities within you – a wisdom that can guide you, increased compassion and respect for yourself, as well as the fighter within that so wants your life to be happier, easier, more fulfilled – and knows how to move towards this.

Your counsellor and her way of working need to be a good ‘fit’ for you – after all, you are in charge and know what you want from the process. For this reason I offer a free 20 minute consultation via phone or skype, so you can check these things out, discuss the issue that’s concerning you and have your questions about the process answered. For phone sessions the cost of the call is carried by the client and hours can be flexible.

Click here to book a counselling session or your free 20 min consultation.

Life, the universe and everything – some bigger questions (optional!)

How is your life going so far?  Do you honour who you are and feel real and glad to be here – on a good day at least.

Do you feel connected to your core truth and wisdom and what supports and inspires you, within and with others?

Is there a sense that you’re not really being you, in some part of your life? What you would you be that was different and more honest to yourself? Is there a cost to not expressing that?

How have you handled suffering? Do you feel free to move forward or is it more true that new insight, courage. tools or healing would really help to open your life up?

Styles of therapy I may draw upon (this will depend on what each client needs, wants and is comfortable with)

Person- centred therapy

Voice dialogue

Jungian archetypal and mythological work

Dream work


Existential therapy

Life goal and purpose empowerment coaching

Gestalt techniques

Motivational visualisation

Relaxation techniques


Types of issues I work with

Relationship problems – communication difficulties, painful recurring conflicts, loss of intimacy and identity, in-law problems,
Separation –  and its related issues of change, grief, anger, self worth, direction, ongoing conflicts and hurt
Grief and loss
Low confidence, self esteem and establishing boundaries
Managing anger and other emotions
Spirituality, life direction and purpose
Family of origin conflict
Dealing with the impacts of life changes e.g. unemployment, retirement, blended families, separation
Decision making
Depression and overwhelm
Stress management


How many sessions will I need?

If your issue is very straightforward one session may be enough. More often there will be layers to the issue you want to work on, so a number of sessions will be needed to address it in depth and in a way that genuinely begins make a difference in your life.
Weekly sessions are recommended so that a momentum of trust in yourself, the process and your counsellor can build. Deeper self understanding and self awareness can unfold and you can work on new skills. Initially 4 sessions are suggested. However you can of course book week to week or at intervals that suit you, and re-assess as you go.

What will a session cost?

The fee for a one hour counselling session is $110.
Longer 90 minute sessions can also be booked; the fee is $165.
Concessions are offered, so please inquire when you book your first session. At this stage no medicare or private health rebates are available.
Click here to inquire further or to book a counselling appointment or contact Kris by phone: +61 7 5442 3676    m: 0408226353   or email:  (please put “Appointment inquiry” in the subject line).
Please use the mobile number for any same day cancellations or problems.
Cancellation policy: a cancellation fee applies for any same day appointment unless a re-booking is made, preferably during the same week.