Workshops on workplace communication, relationships, conflict management, decision making, using voice dialogue and life journey


I have been running workshops privately and in consultation with organisations for OPD for over 25 years. My wide-ranging clientele have included children, parents, teachers, prisoners and prison staff, NGO employees, and staff of spiritual centres.

Each workshop is adapted to meet the needs of clients and designed to be user-friendly for participants and their comfort zones but also always offering the challenge of learning new ways of thinking and acting.

I use humour, sensitivity, common sense and a wide range of experiential learning modalities according to the topic and the group’s goals.


Kris presenting on the topic "Who Sinks Your Boat? at Woodford Folk Festival

Kris presenting on the topic “Who Sinks Your Boat?” at Woodford Folk Festival


Workshop and training topics I have presented are:

Conflict resolution

Workplace conflict management and communication skills

Tools for acceptance, resilience and possibility

Work-life balance – managing conflicting needs; setting and maintaining boundaries

Voice dialogue for inner and outer conflict

Stress management

Overcoming worrying

Dealing with difficult people

Personality types and conflicts in the workplace

You and your goals – working with your life journey


I also run private workshops as part of retreats for groups or couples in the area of self exploration and increasing well being.