Clients speaking about their counselling, voice dialogue, coaching and workshop experiences:


From trainings and Voice Dialogue in India on Using Conflict to Create Harmony – 2009

“The trainings brought me to a new awareness of my own role in my happiness. They shifted my concept of the world into something I could understand as projected by me and thus, something I could take lightly. I no longer felt the need to blame others for my own discomforts and trail of unfinished inner work. Now, my work relationships and friendships are more clear and honest.

Kris introduced new perspectives on people relationships to a group of spiritually oriented people who were known for having personality problems and conflicts. People from the group were from countries of the world including Iran, America, Australia, India and France. The results were amazing. She made it possible for each of these people to be heard and then brought the group to a healthy understanding of individual and collective synergy. It was like seeing peace spread on the earth but acted out in a microcosm located in a small village in rural India.


Kris speaking at Woodford Folk Festival on the theme Who Sinks Your Boat? about resolving difficult conflicts.

Kris speaking at Woodford Folk festival on the theme Who Sinks Your Boat? about resolving difficult conflicts. See Youtube for videos of this talk in 6 parts.


Voice dialogue helped me to identify and bring forward a strong part of myself which was latent and rather useless to me before. As Kris led me through a process of identifying parts of myself that spoke to each other, my voice changed to express these different personalities. Now I feel more strength and power as a woman and as a person who has a right to speak my truth, without harming anyone else in the process. I no longer have extreme outbursts of anger, and the tension that I used to hold in my stomach is gone. The healing from Voice dialogue work continues to manifest in my daily life.”

Caran St John, Meherabad, India.

“Kris Hines, a lively, flexible and absolutely capable facilitator gave two talks and four sessions on the topic of “Creating Harmony from Conflict” at the Avatar Meher Baba Trust earlier this year. It was a joy to be present and to witness her ability to not only strike at the core of general and individual issues, but to show, through example, her profound ability to hear people clearly and respond with answers and methods which truly smoothed differences.

– Debjani Ray, Co-ordinator of Volunteers, Meherabad, India


From trainings and sessions in Sydney and Queensland, Australia*

On Voice Dialogue workshops 2013:

“Brilliant! Kris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience/understanding to her sessions. This depth is felt when in a simple exercise I received a smorgasbord of learning.”

“This has been very insightful and has given me a new interest to look into further. Kris was a good teacher and facilitator and allowed for questions and comments very well. It has given me tools for empowerment and options/choices.”

“Fantastic course and very helpful to me, this will very beneficial to my personal development. Thank you Kris!”

On ‘You and Your Life – Tools for Acceptance, Resilience and Possibility”

“Kris’s enthusiasm and energy is really catching. I learnt several tools to take away with me – acceptance of situations. Kris put a lot into the session with her handouts and visual aids. Will recommend the session to friends.


On earlier courses:

“I can see possibilities in the situation that I never could before. Now I can deal with it without falling in a heap and I can see how hard I was on myself.

– Jane, government worker and parent

“It showed me that none of my problems are unsurmountable.”

Cathy, Secretary

“I’ve learnt that you need support sometimes from a professional person and if one is lucky enough to have someone like yourself around who can be your ‘mentor’ for a while it can help you to succeed in achieving the qualities you want.”

Lily, business owner.

“I’ve gained a new aspect of thinking towards conflict and less stressful ways of resolving problems.”

Andrew, marketing consultant.

“Kris really knows her stuff. She was able to see what I couldn’t see about myself. I was really stuck in my own attitude and now I have moved on. Things are completely different. Thank you.”

Debbie, baker.

* Some names have been changed to maintain confidentiality