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Comment from a Queensland mother who sought coaching about her conflicted relationship with her adult daughter:

“The coaching session we had did make a difference to how I respond to (my daughter). I am less likely to rise to the challenge now when she speaks out strongly, and I recognise that I can come across quite strongly as well. In some ways, we are more alike than we care to admit.
Speaking with you gave me a new perspective and helped me look at the relationship differently, and not feel so responsible for (her) attitude. It also helped me to appreciate the value of already being so open and candid with my daughter, which some mothers and daughters don’t have. Although I will still be a bit defensive sometimes, I consciously try to be a better listener and put my ego to one side. We argue less, but I don’t feel I’m being silenced, in fact I’m just listening better, and staying calmer about it all.”   


What is your current conflict costing you?

– Are you stuck in a painful or stressful conflict that just goes on and on, no matter what you do?

– Has your family been torn apart by a conflict?

– Is there someone in your life that drives you crazy and you’re just fed up?

You might be amazed at what positive changes can occur when a new perspective is brought in. And it’s such a relief, for all concerned.

How coaching helps resolve conflicts

Coaching in conflict management is an empowering, direct and confidential way to really sort out frustrating, painful or ongoing conflicts. You have the benefit of a trained third party with specialised tools and perspectives for conflict help.

It is likely that you have already tried to talk to the person involved, maybe many times. You may have tried to ignore them or tried different ways to get on with them better, but nothing has really worked yet. This can be stressful and exhausting and it can also undermine your confidence. And meanwhile the situation may be getting  worse. These things tend to go round and round in our heads relentlessly which is very draining and can even affect sleep, health, and effectiveness and concentration in other areas of our lives. Not to mention general well-being.

How does conflict resolution coaching work?

With coaching you have the advantage of another person as your sounding board who will work to understand the difficulties of your situation.

It begins with your fully debriefing what’s been going on. [/two_third][one_third_last]

www.jamesfrisino.com Painting by James Frisino Love Arrives Downunder

Hope is the foundation of progress in any field. Since the glass always actually IS half full, having a mindset of openness to possibility is simply the practical approach to take to any seemingly unsurmountable problem.
Painting by James Frisino – Love Arrives Downunder

Never mind a book on how to improve myself - I need one on how to improve everyone else in my life!

Never mind a book on how to improve myself – I need one on how to improve everyone else in my life!


We will then explore what you have tried so far, so you can get clear about what has worked and what hasn’t and why. Skills can be learned or improved at this stage if necessary.

You may already have good communication skills and a good understanding of the scenario and yourself, but still feel stuck.

If you still can’t see the forest for the trees or cannot see a way through, my job as coach is to help you explore further to see exactly why you are stuck and also perhaps get further insight into your own reactions, if this is relevant.

If it seems useful, I will ask questions to help you uncover other layers that may be there, in the dynamic between yourself and the other person. This is when light bulbs can go on!

Next I will bring my years of conflict resolution training and experience to your situation to support you to map the dynamic of your conflict clearly, develop options and work out what you feel you need to do next, both for yourself and in the situation with the person involved.

Supporting handouts are part of your sessions, depending on what you require.

Follow up is an important part of any coaching. Resolving conflict is a skilled business, and can require that a range of skills and strategies are learned and practised. It can take time to develop confidence, especially if long time habits have to be unlearned on order to bring something new and more helpful to the situation. Further sessions can be organised to provide this support and so you can give and receive feedback on how things are going and if anything further is required. You will have the opportunity in this safe environment to polish up the people skills you already have and to learn and practise new ones before entering the actual situation.

You will gain practical tools and insights that can turn even the most entrenched conflict around, even if you’ve tried everything.

Don’t give up. Often it only takes one person to change the whole dynamic of the conflict.

Your new insights and skills can forever alter the way you experience and interact with this person.

Conflict resolution coaching can even help if the person is no longer in your life. It can help you get over what has happened and put the situation in the past  – to ‘get closure‘ as the current phrase goes. It is a huge relief to be able to let go at last and move on with your life.

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